A platform designed to help hoteliers generate revenue, save time and increase guest satisfaction.

KeyInn software package

  • Management of types of warranty contracts
  • Management of types of fullboards/halfboards,The possibility of defining active fullboards or halfboards for a certain variety of rooms
  • Mechanized calculation of room cleaning based on the type of contracts,presentation of occupancy percentage reports in the form of graphs,the possibility of selling triple to double – double to single rooms
  • for example In times when we do not have the capacity of a double room,a triple room should be sold at a double price
  • the ability to scan guest documents for each register card
  • the ability to receive a sample signature of the guest for a paperless system register card
  • a comparative report of the percentage of occupancy by day and comparison with previous years. and the corresponding standard deviation report
  • the report of the dollar, euro
  •  pound rates recorded in the software (if the Internet is connected to the KeyInn server
  • the report of the occupancy percentage of the room.
  • Management of seasonal rates based on the date range, tour and days of the week
  • additional reservation services
  • mechanized management of received and sent faxes, mechanized confirmation of the system signature of each reservation by the competent managers
  • the possibility of uploading the attachments of each reservation to be displayed to the relevant users
  • notification system report Inbound and outbound flights
  • domestic and foreign (in case of internet connection to KeyInn server)
  • ability to automatically send SMS _ link with customer service software (send SMS), and…
  • Control of food return time
  • possibility of table reservation
  • control of cooking time
  • control of maximum time of table use
  • ability to record control of ready-to-sell food
  • receive guest signature for each restaurant via tablet
  • possibility of allocating discount ceiling in percentage and amount to personnel for use From the restaurant
  • a direct link with Cassette material control software
  • current shift restaurant sales revenue report
  • restaurant sales report by invoice, sales report by restaurant food code and…
  • The ability to record room mini bar information via IVR
  • tablet
  • IPTV
  • normal phone and client – Mini bar inventory discrepancy control
  • The possibility of managing the housekeeping
  • cleaning, occupied
  • out-of-service warehouse, registering the found objects of the hotel as well as searching and delivering them
  • recording the confirmation of room evacuation by the housekeeping in order to settle the room by the reception
  • the possibility of recording the observations of the housekeeper about the condition of the room
  • recording Notification of failure for the relevant unit in the facility
  • registration of damage to the room, various reports: empty rooms
  • reservations
  • resident tours
  • special day evacuation, providing a comparative report of housekeeping and reception in terms of discrepancy and control
  • the ability to create a house warehouse Having a link with the central warehouse
  • announcing details of cleaning such as the name of the housekeeper
  • the date and time of cleaning, etc.
  • for reporting and required controls.
  • The possibility of receiving installation orders from other KeyInn software and inserting them into the installation software
  • control of installation warehouse
  • registration of consumables based on received orders, report of completed orders of a user, report of repair method and type of repair
  • possibility of automatic insertion of orders Daily and weekly routine: 1) For example, a certain device should be checked every other day. 2) The possibility of entering installation contracts (equipment insurance – contractors) and announcing the end of the contract one week before
  • Management of halls
  • conferences
  • seminars and banquets
  • mechanized and systematic contract management
  • “manual contract removal”
  • the possibility of providing a list of consumables required for all ceremonial contracts periodically
  • case by case, work calendar item (showing the ceremonies every day and The time of its holding
  • display of days without ceremonies, display of daily events, activation of the program warning for the expiration of unpaid contracts, events of the next few days, etc.
  • according to the settings made in the program structure section
  • the possibility of defining special events every day To display in the work calendar
  • it is possible to filter contracts based on (current – records – canceled) and get a report on them and…
  • Different types of log file user performance reports (personnel
  •    register 
  • user operations
  • reservation invoices
  • restaurant receipts
  • warehouse receipts and remittances, etc.)
  • reports related to blue collection lockers
  • open or closed time
  • open and closed discrepancy reports Blue collection lockers with software
  • report of sold rooms by room classification
  • report of incoming tour guests by gender
  • report of classification of incoming guests
  • occupancy percentage report of certain rooms during the historical period
  • report of extra bed sold. During the historical period
  • monthly annual occupancy percentage based on ready reports, statistical report of the summary of reservations canceled by the user
  • report of reservations canceled by the user
  • reservations inconsistent with the register card in terms of name
  • restaurant income report of previous days
  • restaurant sales profit report Invoice
  • restaurant sales profit report by food code
  • sales profit report of a restaurant food code
  • report on company tour performance based on register card performance
  • summary of room revenue report based on guest folio
  • report on incoming guests by company tour groups
  • room occupancy percentage report to Separation of tour groups and companies
  • room occupancy percentage report by tours and companies
  • balance report of discrepancy of tour companies with accounting balance
  • profit report of food sales in all restaurants
  • summary report of all restaurants’ income in summary form
  • summary report of all restaurants’ income
  • Report on the discount offered to the tour during the historical period, report on the age debtors during the historical period
  • restaurant sales report by date, reservation summary report by company tour
  • reservation summary report by company tour groups
  • report on how food is packaged in restaurants , report on the length of stay of guests by company tour
  • report on the number and amount of rooms sold by room
  • cash flow statement of the hotel
  • report on the number of arrivals of hotel guests
  • sales report of all guests of tours and companies
  • about 100 other diverse and useful reports. .
  • The management of salons
  • conferences, seminars and banquets
  • the management of signing a contract in a mechanized form and the system of <>
  • the capability to present needed consumer goods for all formal contracts periodically or case-by-case
  • business calendar item (presenting the events of day with their time, presenting the days without any events
  • displaying the occasions of every day, alarm activation for due date of unpaid contracts
  • the future events, the capability to define special occasions for presentation on business calendar
  • the capability to filter contracts based on their present conditions
  • histories and cancellations and reporting them
  • The management of different guarantee contracts of tours and companies mentioning the number of rooms from every kind
  • the management of different kinds of Full Board and Half Board
  • the capability to define Full Board and Half Board separately for varieties of rooms, automatic calculation of room guarantees based on their related contract
  • presenting the reports on occupancy percentage as diagrams
  • the capability to sell triple rooms as double rooms or double rooms as single rooms (for example when the capacity of double rooms is full
  • a triple room can be sold with the price of a double room)
  • the capability to scan guests’ documents for every card registration
  • the capability to get guests’ signature without any paper
  • comparative reports on occupancy percentage per day and comparing it with previous years and reporting its related standard deviation
  • reports on dollar
  • euro and pound exchange rates in the software (if Asa server is connected to the internet), reports on Rial occupancy percentage and so on.

Discount method and granting points:
1.Customer grouping (golden, silver, and bronze and….)
2.Offering discounts to club groups for separate restaurants (20 percent discount for restaurants of golden group, 15 percent discount for restaurants of a silver group)
3.The capability to defined different kinds of customer (seminar, banquet, honorary, agency and…)
4.The capability to activate pointing for every income title
5.The capability to grant point for restaurant and room bills
6.The capability to define a division coefficient for groups for calculation of sale points
7.The capability yo search customers in software based on card number, row number and customer name
8.The management of customers who are members of the club
Point method and present :
1.Giving points for bills of customers who are members of the club and allocating these points with the bill itself to the account of related customers
2.Grouping customers (golden, silver, bronze) Making different decisions for deduction of customer points (a free ticket to Water Park for every 10000 points, a free stay in hotel for a night for 30000 points and…)
3.Point calculation based on customer functions and internet payment to cards of customers by the top users of system
4.The capability to use virtual funds paid to cards of customers
5.The customers who are members of the club can use the restaurant by their bank cards which are charged by the hotel for their points
6.Managing the accounts of customers who are members of a club
Positive account method and offering discounts and card-based technology :
1.Customers who are members of a club must charge their account first
2.The system offers discounts based on the customer’s account balance in restaurants
3.Rial control (in every registration or at the time of arrival)
4.Date control (activation of a period of time)
5.Controlling the number of use
6. No payment in restaurants 7.Customers are identified by their cards in all restaurants
8.Managing the account of customers who are members of the club

  • Providing an online reservation panel in accordance with the graphics of each hotel’s website
  • providing a report of uncompleted online reservations (how many visits – how many missed
  • online link with the internal reservation system
  • English reservation and with the possibility of using MasterCard and Visa cards, etc. .
  • The capability to sell goods by RFID tag
  • the capability to define different goods
  • reports on sales for separate goods
  • selling in cash