Web-based software, unlike local software, which requires specific data storage hardware to run, only needs a server to provide the services needed by users through an interface server.In fact, in a web-based system, information is uploaded through a server outside the user’s physical environment and transferred to an intermediate server that processes this information, and finally, the user views, edits, and saves the information he needs through his browser. .

In addition to the high speed of access and low cost of web-based software, data security is also one of the important advantages of web-based software. In local software, users save their information on laptops, memory cards, local servers or on the hard drive of the systems, but the laptop is stolen, the memories are lost, and the systems are usually not properly backed up. But web software servers are always equipped with the latest updates and security patches, and keeping users’ information is their most important concern and feature.

Advantages of web-based software in general

1. Access to the software at any time and place
2. They are platform independent. The possibility of access through different devices (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.)
3. No need to install any software on the computer
4. Integration of information available in different places
5. Ease of software development and upgrading
6. Online support
7. Faster and more effective communication with customers
8. No limit on the number of users using the software
9. It is easy to install and set up and does not require any special technology or software. (Windows/Linux)
10. The most important advantage of web-based programs is the simplicity of distributing these programs among users. (We only need to install the program on the server).
11. Application version control Everyone uses the latest version available on the server and there is no need to worry about whether everyone is using the latest version or not.
12. Reducing the costs of the employer to buy and maintain suitable clients
13. Ease of integration with other software products of the organization


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Fast deployment, agile access to information, information security, low cost, and various other advantages of web-based software have caused the acceptance and use of these software to expand day by day. But the question may arise as to what software can be provided in the form of the web; Today, organizations can easily find and purchase the web version of almost all the software they need. From financial and accounting software, CRM software to ERP software, they are all provided to businesses by ASPs with various facilities and capabilities. The important thing among these is to study the desired software, get a demo of the software, and see the capabilities and modules of each software and ensure the reliable support of ASPs and choose the best enterprise software provider.