What is a bestseller?

Upselling in the hospitality industry means offering guests additional features or add-ons to enhance their stay at an additional cost.

An effective upsell strategy includes relevant offers created expressly for your property’s guest demographic. Additional services and add-ons should be carefully considered to add value to the guest’s stay.

Why is it important to increase sales?

Increased sales are beneficial for hotels and guests. They help hotels generate more revenue while adding value to the guest experience. Additional benefits include:

Increased guest satisfaction by allowing guests to customize their stay according to their travel style and expectations.
Customer loyalty through customized experiences.
Increased profitability (engaged guests spend 46% of inactive guests annually).
Reducing external risk (found that US hotel operating revenues fell 63.3% on a per available room (PAR) basis after the pandemic, but only 31.7% on a per occupied room (POR) basis, which can be attributed to strong sales strategies).
Differentiation against competitors and high marketing methods.

What is the difference between cross-selling and cross-selling?

Cross-sells are add-ons or features on your property, while cross-sells are products or services outside of your property.

Upsells include room upgrades, late check-out, pet fees, and valet parking.

Cross-selling includes city tour, wine tasting, airport transfer and bicycle rental.

Hotel management can use cross-selling to expand their offerings without investing in additional facilities or resources. By partnering with other local businesses, hotels can keep costs down while providing exciting opportunities for tourists in the area.