Group Block

Group Block

This page includes 3 different parts.

1- calendar

2- search

3- grid

1- calendar

This is the first section and it’s always accessible. Probably before making any reservation, you would like to check the calendar. By clicking on each cell a modal will appear on the screen and show you which reservations exist in that day and if they are related to any group block.

2- Search

In this section you can choose a group and dates and search through all the group blocks that already exist. To see all the group blocks please choose “All” in group name drop down.

3- Grid

Search results will appear in this table. 

Common Questions:

How to add  a new group block?

  • Click on the Add button above grid.
  • A form will appear, after filling out the form with required information click the Save button.
  • Now group i block is saved and ready to add some reservations.

How to Edit a group block?

  • Select a group block by click on the checkbox on the left column
  • Click on the Edit button above grid.
  • A form will appear , change whatever you want and click the Save button.

How to add a reservation to a group block?

  • Use search section to find the group block that you would like to  add reservation to.
  • Click on the group block row, you will be redirected to a new page where you can make reservation. 
  • In this page click on pick up button. Now you are redirected to new reservation page. Make reservation and hit save.
  • All the reservations related to this group block will be displayed in the grid, you can click on each row and check the details.

How to check in all the reservations related to a specific group block?

  • Select the group block in the grid and click Auto checkin button above the grid.

How can I access released group blocks?

  • Click on this button  above the grid
  • A modal will appear and you can choose the days you prefer.then click ok and grid will be updated.