Day End Function

This section is usually accessible only by manager or auditor.

Main action in this page is Start button. By clicking the Start button, day end function will run and check 4 steps.

If any of these steps need more of your attention,  day end function will stop and an icon will appear right next to that step. By clicking on that icon a modal will be displayed and you can decide what to do.

Step 1: Checking today’s departures

In this step Keyinn checks if there is any departure left and show them to you in a modal like this one: 

You can click on each row and be redirected to each reservation and check out the reservation.

This step will not pass unless you take care of all the departures.

Step 2: Checking today’s arrivals

After passing step 1, Keyinn checks all the today’s arrivals that are not checked in .

If there is any a modal will be displayed and ask you if you want to ignore these reservation or want to check them in.

If you click on yes, the status of the reservation will change to “No Show”.

If you click on No, Day end function will stop until you take care of the reservations in the grid.

Step 3: Post Rooms

In this step if there is any inhouse booking Keyinn applies room charge, auto charge or package charge to inhouse booking’s folios.

This steps is not going to stop day end function it’s just giving you some information about room charges.

And you can see if these posting are manual or automatic.

Step 4: Group block Release

If there is any Group block that need to be released, Keyinn will show them to you and you can easily select them and click on Release Group Blocks button and release them.

If you need more information click on each row and review group block information and its reservations.

After passing all the steps successfully, Audit Reports modal will appear and you can choose which one of them you want to print.

At the end you can click on Change Audit Date and change the audit date.

Common Questions:

How to check who/when run day end function and how it went?

Click on the History button and review all the information you want. We keep all the details. You can also search through all the records.